Teach Baby Chinese

Your baby can read

Studies had shown that a baby's brain develops at a phenomenal pace initially.  Almost 90% of the brain development are done during the first five years of life.  The best and easiest time to learn a language is during the infant and toddler years, when the brain is creating thousands of synapses every second.

According to Glenn Doman's How to teach Your baby to read:

The conventional education fails to exploit the young child's vast ability to learn and increasing desire for knowledge. Many of us start officially learning the language after the ago of five. Encouragingly, most of us have been taught by their parents before that.

My daughter can recognize a lot of things in the house since she was 8
months. She cannot speak at that time, but if I ask her where is the
lamp, she can point to the right direction. She never missed even
once after she learned. She connects the word "lamp" (sound) with the
physical thing (shape). Reading is a skill basically building the
association between the word, the sound, and the meaning. She can
recognize lamp, she can recognize words. That is how I started.

Glenn Doman Method: Introduction
Glenn Doman Method: Flashcard Technique

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