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Glenn Doman Method: Introduction

The Teach your baby to read is an important book for any parent who
would like to know HOW TO teach their baby.

It provides the details about how to prepare your materials and how
often you should do it.

Here is some prinicples mentioned by Glenn Doman

1. Don't miss the language learning window

The conventional education fails to exploit the young child's vast
ability to learn and increasing desire for knowledge. Many of us
start officially learning the language after the ago of five.
Encouragingly, most of us have been taught by their parents before that.

2. Big and Loud

Doman compares learning to read with learning to speak. If adults only
spoke in whispers, children would not necessarily speak at 18 months
because their hearing would not be well enough developed to pick up
words. Similarly, because we print words in small, black letters,
young children do not have the visual ability to distinguish
them.Adults tend to speak loudly andclearly to children, so they do
learn to speak. So if we present words written in large, bright
letters, children can learn to read.

3. Baby can learn to read before they can speak

The method can be used from about 10 months onwards, although it is
easier to test from about 18 months. It can, however, be used for
children of all ages. Basically, it links word shapes with objects or
actions a child can recognize.

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