Teach Baby Chinese

Glenn Doman Method: Flashcard Technique

Here is an outline of the basic flashcard technique, which is
described in the Teach your baby to read. I applied the technique to
teach my daughter. The principles are the same for both English and

Print words clearly in a flashcard. The word should be big enough for
a baby to read. Glenn suggested using the red color to keep baby
interested in the card.

Show the flashcards to your baby five times a day. Read the word
aloud to your baby.

Each time you should show them five cards. Don't show them too many
at once.

Show each card no more than ONE second. As fast as possible. This
again is a technique to keep them interested in doing this.

NEVER bore the child.

When your child can recognise a word regularly, move on to the next.

You should show the cards in a quite place where your baby can

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